Gperiodic Future?

Future for GPeriodic?

Ideas? Extensions? Currently in development?

A Temperature application? Brendan Davies has put forth an idea for a temperature conversion application. It would be able to easily calculate equivalent temperatures in Kelvin, Celcius, Farenheight, and any others that information can be found on. The concept is to have not only a text box where you can enter the desired temperature and have it converted into the other scales, but to have a graphic of a thermometer that you can drag a slider knob on to vary the temperature.

Idealy, this could also be used to define a span in temperature and given a volume of matter, and it's heat index (? the number of joules needed to raise the temperature 1 celcius degree, I don't know the correct term), it could calculate the number of joules (?) it would take to move the matter from the one temperature to the other.

This could merge very nicely with the temperature slider and additions that Georges Khaznadar has included into the current development version of GPeriodic. A stylized thermometer would probably be very intuitive for users to make use of.

After thinking about this, and these kinds of additions, there seems to be a good opportunity for integration with other simplistic scientific types of applications. Should we consider starting some kind of suite of scientific applications? For example, integrate with one of the open source moleculelar viewers, so when a user clicks on one of the atoms in the molecule, GPeriodic selects and displays the information for that particular element?